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word at war the here were a bit of a paper down i can’t tell me the faces of these depressed gracewriting like the voices in my english classes atpeace with them i don’t know who by putting the negro from the car

so he could be names in a underline overall lowering painful three something’s wrong with the raymondteach with the way out to meet with the peopledon’t worry you’ll be late you feel that i must be late for school once again wanted inspection because today we got to get hate beforeapril the negro pma karna raceway we’ve got to get started before you cometo dc

two of the christian front they say that the public school systemis the best guarantee of democracy but i don’t know it is in full filling the commissionchairman and i’m frightened man write-ins than war the national broadcasting company andits affiliated independent stations in cooperation with the console on books inwartime

presenter radio adaptation of one of themost thought provoking books of nineteen forty four your school your children primary circuit were extremely proud to announce thatthe part of marine second will be played by the distinguished american actressresponsibility and has seven says sometimes a subject of apreference that’s what i said was a second

didn’t get paid p_r_d_ e ice-t_ a_t_t_ obscene other subjects and predicate since i wasmonitored color in shakespeare to i think men that’s what i thought you don’t evenwrite english well like why it’s called coming along

and joanne pay roll call of moffat and deliver them what didn’t oxygen high school classroom and together we discussed in review suchthings as paradise lost and pilot mon we medicated the agreement subjectinvariant bonded beans and jumped in and in my view that little aboutshakespeare debate however we talked about the recent race riot indetroit

connaught city we can’t trust any of them europe racing and i think one night by ididn’t think dupont didn’t speak to you know i don’t get all listening humanjust like us they didn’t start this thing in detroit why when people thinking they are giving them arampant i tell them i teach in newark highschool and i know that you don’t give america

the boys and gals i teach like theoverwhelming majority of the population in ninety two point it doesn’t go tocollege the skilled mechanics the stenographicprogress make it i see the change in young faces i read that competition i given power icbc lease crawl on the back before pearl harbor i’ve won my fingers over a jagged

cutting go again and i’ve got a front seat on ademocratic the high school class them the are replaced with a great massiveamerican when he had the voice of democracy speakout the passion in the following theme something happened what model well nixon one fabric called

we were discussing the story of joan ofarc how does it show it well haynes jungin believe she hadmiraculous well i think that’s not what i mean that other stuff need about a leading army but that’s about it history with pride in the end of the state uh… yeah

that put that plane and you believe it na not me you don’t have to take my word for itmaybe you can read about er in european history book are set but maybe but not at this stage it’s propaganda that non-campaign within the encyclopedia britannicahighlights of my opinion have a right

uh… fraudulent here are with you for theyoung i think uh… symptom of the giving be leave nothing embalmed everything when the three a kid whenever the storyof washington the cherry tree but i think a little cough have a great many pot

expose his blemishes that connected and if you create a generation ofstudents to fifty kit boarded believing the uncritical a nailundelete as the previous generation have been ina speech by what owned i’ll tell you back from we’ve been talking about the baby withthe mud bath we’ve been paring down my halo but also that uh…

i’ll tell you for happened a few years ago on my invasionplan but despite timeless november nineteenthirty eight after the anti-jewish programmed in berlin you’re there with him so i asked her she was sixteen and blonde and newline announced you know that midfielder

ibn would you like to give the class youropinion below that thank you and you’re headed on the radio oh i thought i did that could prove it didn’t propaganda certificate defection suppose eve outrage it didn’t take placein berlin

acting if you are in germany today we didn’t even robin that you knew simply because he would do it it’s not my style why not you know that i have been born in theunited states apparently jam and achievement theproduct of an american school he live like the christian plunges netkind in the school

he was bright i_q_ is relatively high consciously she was an act and yet she didn’t marry me as much as the irishorthopedic england italian boy who felt personally the failure ofitalian on the other decent following who read that headlines in the americanfifth column

it’s maybe republic democracy like that but if you say united states is there a public and thatcome back we’ll see com profile with the pride guild mid with not giving it find unbearable distinction he was hardly fit tight to go in for aprofound depression of the nature of the

phone the start of the new true and i discovered they can wedding editorial info showed up he hadn’t read it in felt they gotaround to in the way down things do i killed my husband about it where there’s a quickie stood straight not quite that people charming what youmean if not simple excel and so if i’m a teacher john

i’m not the problem inbox i’m supposed to encourage classroom discussions that spoke but don’t you feel anything i tell themis propaganda sheila jordan the books in the book the propaganda coup for heavensakes what it is true for these kids hectic chart anything that company given the channelisn’t food it bombed even the perilous handbills

yellowed journal of the street corner me too many of them roosevelt dot anygovernment spokesman of the line what’s wrong want was wrong helios brown we in the schools have iphones andcarried to get permission to question a policy and if you give me it’s about uncheckedstatement we did this in our ticket developingenquiring mind meet interactive

intellectual freedom with intelligent do you think theresults have been to make for more just evaluation of maine andthe band everybody’s like a vicodin and otherstuff to get to the office of warren commission it does not push wire this wouldn’t be quite so bad ifeverything in power and he didn’t proceed opinion fate in william dudley penny

it’s natural for my people at the labeloutbound a report of nothing that because inpoland normally young people can credit thereality affected them however when you staying young people find easier to credit the enemy verysniffing impotent rather than the explanation given by out own government something had gone wrong and make sure that japan had to attackus in self defense really believe that paid allot palacebelieve that

a lot of pelican candidate na na when i got to be something about apropaganda out we guys all even know what is an attack on pearl harbor assetsright how do we know got to believe the president of united prada mickey lab m_t_b_e_ congress now man you listen to the radio though to be needed to be cottonbungalow a comment that government propaganda just a guess nanowire write acheck out list of those pills and i know

that we have blown aground anime lol with a combination of independentstupidity is not common but it doesn’t mean it’d been in our public school teaches function to determine how atschool should standing the guide to particular contradicted but foundation shouldn’t be confident they shouldn’t be even issues

things like democracy in the right tolive after all it’s cool that inflation avacuum reflect social crossing might around it how can the who will become one of those forfeited i think that’s how it cheap cracked well let’s look at it retirement this with if that’s something

the board of education had giveninstructions to a bit of george washington propaganda and for one everything went fine anne discovered how to make ice creamatapi next and painting can get the act and things like that what did you find out about how theyhandle it weird when i’m on the web with theprivate campbell

but he quite a bit more important tokeep these people hadn’t well-informed i’d love that you think because they missed that will perfectlyright advice to accommodate money having for only p_c_r_ the kind of people copycatjumped up like honking however awful opic helen not off arctic yes ma’am you know i think it’s wrong about thishere jim crow stuff

or the madison and paul robeson he wasan all-american journeyed except that they realize what bag and not even andnow that expect that and well it doesn’t matter but what not at the invective donations andrun it and i hope parents take the building eating right now isn’t right thank the billing but with all the required

not that we’ve got a big governmentthey’ve mom wheeling wv and orlando one there are a number of comment pupils inthe cold ordinarily benedikt p for the other boy but occasionally get afraid three-pound with a fight in thelunchroom and then agreed on the ballot turcotte period after the fight wentthrough with even with the roomate

monsignor english class to write a peepsuitable for the school will pay for it something designed to improve whitenegro relations in the pool and i assure them that they havesentiment would not be held again that can be a problem for me uh… frantically capital if in factthey provide flight mechanic going and i will tell my main product cool butthink they should print with you know asap if it’s relaxing me back at telusdot blackberry dot com i think that’s what i would like to be slaves isolatethem someplace in the palm pilot

i don’t appreciate their first of allthis could be applied because discrimination of all race everyoneshould be given a fair break in the school regardless of race creed or colorthis is one prince william and space is fighting for we in the school should buytogether right that candor fountain the mentality of the he will pay thepentagon brian carpet and dried walking kavaharrigan had not been given not a particular negro boy against aparticular quite boring or by phone

equipment might again for black regardless of the right or wrongobviously some of the teaches gathered to talk itover i say that we are what old schoolassembly were right rec’d the business not by the subjecti’m no that’s wrong or elsewhere on the debate would be too emotional course ofthe more you know what you want to set it up a scope again it’s a services thattime to call the sender area and i don’t know onto the list are trample my motto islet sleeping dogs work well i don’t know

that and it’s pretty confident however to let sleeping dogs live immediate difficulty was last november and nothing was done to prevent thereputation of endangering it is bad enough in my school but the situation is went from theoutside immigrant section overcrowding unequal opportunities

lack of recreational facilities give the negro a sense of futility andoutrage who evan makes the negro feel that he belong will win the communists of long impeaching theirrevolutionary doddmann holland their appeal at explicit an understandable but it’s not only the negro problem there’s also another fella

it exists among the students and among members of the teachingprofession happened to notice something related to his teachers get all thefacts comes soumya certainly always soft jobs track records are you talking abouthow the principal works now one thing that wanted to ask theplaintiffs of anti-semitism every jewish teacher gets into the annex the catholics that all the closingterrible concerned park terry aplenty if i had a mind areknown as possible for a long time to prepare for a minute like that you’re ashameless

this somewhere north of racial andreligious are again present company simply appeal he needs to a kind of bookkeeping which has nothing to do with pedagogy or the welfare of the school and unofficial quota system according to which job been fables i’vedoled out student have become increasinglysensitive this incident not long ago is typical

vicinity down i luv widescreen with nothing malicious intent all bad i_q_ dot kristen practical you mustn’tbe illegal perhaps remark plaza little but i know that people they’re just too suspicious you’re developing a persecutions

unification want school prayer a gentilegail complained at each other’s making anti-semitic remarks many jewish students had previously madesimilar charges nothing done technology and how to get on with makingthem and this time the principal investigated your say that’s what he said lifting who embark anglo-chinese

one of you to say sir she’s making it up out of whole clothfood knoxville think foley’s no i don’t want to go any further that have no public repercussions i want peace and harmony in a school alimoment young lady defrauded been categorically denied makes it that you know that understood yes it

very well you may go what we need in this whose brotherhoodher such as but i wanted my school kindness in brotherhood that’s what weall want by the lord we’re going to have it iwasn’t here there are three prizes to give our livesgive one to a protestant one to a catholic and want what you everybodygets his share will understand and i’d like to see the colored boys get prizeslet’s let’s make them happy by can’t get brotherhood idealistic leadby him and i’m going to get it

mathematically anymore retrieval headed continents by on them practical pedagogy with no creo the incident was close though it was not clear whether justicearena even when we had prevailed dhlakama including i’m and kate the anytime marking inflated

this is what happened yes advances when using and skillful so skillful with obvious no high schoolstudent could have written there is danger in publicizing slander and that i how brilliant data file to bea bit charges exposed fiorello accusation continues to clean but there is also a danger in notpublicizing the planned a danger in filing informed school of the principal metwith the teaching for discussion you

know i don’t blame some of our teacherswere being upset let me give you my i gave you a lot of our jewish he didn’t back to all of the jewishpeople have an awful problem taking them through as a matter of fact in americatoday there’s no problem happens appeared as a jewish problem though to think so mr controlled i don’tthink this is a jewish problem of told as an american problem well sir niamh

masks are why haven’t we attempted tosolve it if it’s an american problem why haven’t we in america schools donesomething to stop this schools what in the school to there’s a problem for thepublic official for the home of certain the duty of the one moment your attention everyone but getsomething straight i run my school the way i know best have done everything i can it’s a goodschool and i’m not going to have a talked about before the board ofeducation

perhaps this isn’t even a proper matterfor discussion here were in the business of teaching notindoctrination i think that’s all meetings as best the businessimmediately dismissed aren’t used to be despite biggerapartmentratings to be dismissed doesn’t summing it can dismiss repeaters teachers for the money in it were making less than a poor pass welderand a shipyard

amma griping i’ve been out of the tenyears ten years piece today there was something whollyabout it putting noble study ever for a group of youngsters telling them about good things through things prime things how to grow up

decent and straight after ten years i should know bettershipment it shouldn’t be knows so naive chilethis is a school not attracted spotted everything whenever we see that they’re notcommitted against diphtheria and vaccinate against small pox is alwaysposted to keep them from physical high repeat the meeting is awaited eat you’ve got let me finish after pearl harbor we top interest aidedme we don’t know how to detect poison

gas didn’t ask their opinion we told them now we’ve got to tell them about theplacement racing religious hatred what’s the arctic good morning battlesoverseas losing their apollo the meeting dismissed renewed in the fifteen th the many meanings wittingly monday morning news one began the school showing them tellunable

incapable of meeting a challenge todemocracy order with their babies their investigation notices the tacked up on the bulletinboard every even a little activity and occasional school assembly devotedto tolerant anik do you still parent-teacher meetingto promote brotherhood but always voice in spain allindoctrination tilden decide for themselves but offices been around sinceseventeen seventy six

do you cannot use the teachersbusinesses to keeps not preach full over again it’s not cricket for the teacher toimpose abuse no indoctrination cremation if they do he pleaded but our enemies are not at all tentativeabout baking bread they exhibit any scruples about tryingto capture the mind of the young who can’t laugh it away who can’t laugh away the fact that theyhave no doubt

about the key to be looking ofintolerant many teaches stopped laughing they called more meeting twelve what hewants to do you can’t grab them and stuff toleranceon the throne old made it was supposed to be begin love your neighbor cyclicalthree times a day or wisecracks don’t help symbols we tried teaching democracy there it goes againin the old bromide viet nam there wit we can’t afford to be dealt mattbeaton lovesomething doctrinaire or perhaps a

why must agree is that wrong to take a stand aboutdemocratic ideals what makes you think that because of theresults of appeasement will be any better at sutter hive and we’re workingin it well don’t you think it is about thehorrible transponder students praise william that they pelliand the christian front maybe you want to uh… south america lanson we’ve got a right to get the new at me well having

supposed to be gives you is matureopinion that too and to make spot but as opinion isn’t it but you’re not going to run and get awaywith the right well you’re going to tell him where he’swrong young people need direction i don’t go into subtlety you don’t change them with meryl maybe right that’s what we do about it

as the trouble i don’t know thought to be a plan there ought to be running revelry the plan in springfield magnitude in pittsburgh pennsylvania deck is the plan it call the n_p_r_ plan again buying it

plan again thank you planned by dramatic democratic education handiwork to provide opportunity for democraticself government to study the weakness in the strength hello democracy responded to positiveworking philosophy based on democratic principles toreevaluate one’s own prejudices and buses studied public opinion in ademocracy and to understand

how do you think you need to teachstudents how to win the evidence how to reach conclusions objectively and the distinguished between fact andopinion and we don’t depend on the sale of thefew crusading spirit it in the school day program from rightbeside arithmetic for languages and general science every our everyday everyweek every semester if not hot air the springfield planned works aren’t

it with in springfield and pick eg and brett ever the plan is an operation democracy is not a part of your lifeframe but in in turbo pump of the curriculum if not i noticed on the bulletin board speech before the parent teacher thatboth the asian interpreta feel they are no longerafraid to attack a pernicious influent whether it comes from the home of thestreet on the playground

that springfield plan work it reckoned greenfield it worked in kpit therein it can work in enlightened community when men and women of willing to run upthere leave and faith cut out the put the footing not being reelected in teaching ouryoung they’ve been meaning and whip of the only political ideal that reallyworks

or other people mall and be democracy if you meet allah cold will hold a graduationceremony that i did not put away their whetherthe nail on the jacket and then the reprint mcgill put me in their pocket and gaveme a bright providing carla dot gov margin with a plan the graduate live band and make thegrade you job did and let the people or

marketed beaches amid a parliament thompson will go into the compound riley would join the marine himachal and five inbound will beexpecting a baby lotion today and they’ll come back on the f_b_i_payload crowd in a uniform ending time of light and damp for the individual

this time of life and death for a greatnation and a great vision these bodies will be more pressing tohim and will remember once again that democracy but there were of every individual and will remember once again that theamerican cool might become in support of an americanthang the challan how are we going to newton

area in bank you miss eldridge for almost all ofthem for bombing tonight on words at war the nationalbroadcasting company in cooperation with the council on books in wartime aspresented a dramatization based on research install your school yourchildren starring the distinguished americanactress misfiring celebrate this pic was by martin which in gradmusic by what you mean production gonna get it

jack costello speaking and in the national broadband at war dot it me trying to get a six billion a man this particular slice topics coveredyour relocate must follow that is a traitor except where the money spent locust what’s on my computer jumped outwe’re going to find out what happens is

our misstep why couldn’t china thank you plan to useyour brain that was only trying to do my duty by satellite which is on the stand thehusband immediately there they come based on the signal to be back tomorrownight many of the all over us interested tohear mama once national broadcasting company incooperation with the council on boats in

wartime presents another of the most widelydiscussed programs in america words of war dramatizing the most representativebooks to come up with this great world conflict tonight albert maltz is new novel aboutgermany lacrosse and a road dramatized or radio by ben j about mine high-income aside care estoppel yesuh… come in come in so i’ve been

expecting you and i’ll give you the background of thecase we make medium text here attend the mudlike groans we used to be in dusseldorf but the bombings got too hot so we’llmove seven months ago as you’ll see tomorrow we’re situated inthe wood all around us is farming community are kind of large people have done afirst-rate in eight months they’ve been britishplanes over here but always after another objective

tomato working here trying to signal aplague how idearc com is so i have no intention ofkeeping it a secret from you on the stage of the factory there’s a the owner is a widow from me jorge has recently been cut the suburbsurname they’d live pilot haiti in an arrow pointing toward the factory and the plains came over here touched it off it so happens on s_s_ men were close byon patrol lee one menial

we got there in time but also fiveafford br into law unige british planes by the fire titledmo but uh… we have to act on the possibility naturally we’ll take all protectivemeasures but meanwhile if they didn’t see theothers danger that’s come working with vigor will try again that’s why you hear you’ll know for afact of the seven tori as part of a group no i assume

was there anyone within two nights’ notthat we know you’ll be examining he’s in the hospital with a bullet inhis gut knows it he’ll never be able to talk tohim and i want beggars record of course inthe regular reprinted in the factory about the problem she invaded we’re going to be marriedthat’s how they did came to be on a farm in the first place woman who betrayedhim yes i haven’t talked to her

there hasn’t been time besides she washysterical uh… she’ll be ready for questioningnow good by the way wendy is will be able to talk to bigler role he stillunconscious by the construction of the doctors sothat the hospital let me know as soon as he comes over the anesthetic it seems the doctors unsure yet whetherbigger willingham you’ll know of any reason why they go would have wanted tosee the biker destroyed by the british company personal motivation none as a matter of fact only yesterday hewas awarded the medal for being the best

type of german worker and yet every reason for hating thebritish his wife was killed in an air raid inhis son died in the battle of not being rising alright ivana as you proceeded wants was bigger temperature down ninety-nine popu point pickets polls that we have on that

really no i don’t every allah waking upand when we do if i say we must bring about a beeper quickly yes not that i’m martin i don’t like to see you lose your column adopting should be column happens to a patient with the doctorsand call you guys you guys be buried in the world and joy to what happened to you lynn now every half hour

remember i want you to call me at oncebecause polls goes i have a hundred and one drip infusion of to continue you might be please what goes on to ityet you take care of them properly must be a commission to pop by morning well i have i’m waking up initially

gold i’d shake eight enright alley i remember now e antique guide the flagship moonlight on the riflebarrel must be in the factory hospital i would have been trapped cert on unconscious you’ll be asked meto talk

home of the compound will want to know homework compresseswhere rwandan ohio has signaled a britishplanes labeled forced me to talk it’s a stimulus i must kill myself too quickly the only thing i have control is type ofthe bandage just how like hell how will i know the british plane sawthe arrow

i must know mate uh… tomorrow right mhm paul two hundred and five looks at thescene very peculiar critically cranial injury doctor i don’t see any signs of it

but i don’t quite understand thisextended unconsciousness forgotten you live in little rock that means that yes i want to look and adam everyfifteen minutes call maybe if we come to a pink i am a skull injury he only thing i have to do is linemichael marcus doctor expression explode incomplete would stop uh… will be hard to explain

no mistake about that it must be done of the sounds of escape from item thatbada cerro aboard garbage two british planes com we can come tonight could help me think of something haim us back to me that’s spain rolling come in you have my deepest admiration

who did the night of the gratitude ofevery german i name is commissar care welcome and paper comes use in the hospital here all right uh… operated we don’t know yet but haven’t you can’t win you’ll be executed patrice and of coursesaloon it must be hard on you

me when she like you we’re going to be married when joan no such thing a complete mistakes in it and see tell me what happened the night and i was in bed something will be a i don’t know and i saw him through the window grumpy

sewing hilton windows open but he didn’t stop i could see that he was doing somethingwith the hebert i didn’t want i ran outside he wouldn’t talk to me and when i triedto stop and not be done wanted for the confirmed he understood what he was doing it’s totally different he piled on around two of the firing him he ran upto me with a pitchfork you wanted to

kill me nothing more that you can think ofanything ever said that would be a clue no i’ll you haven’t been frank with me i think i know why simple honest woman i_q_ gestapo comeassessing the strange man you must be afraid uh… the gestapo com assembly line andyou’ll get help me you know we’re going to tell me about it

linden i don’t know i don’t have it all he wasn’t going to marry going to wantto consider your link with a traitor very but i will somebody canada nine everybody knows accumulated to a lot of the content ofthe pat but that’s eight woman which in colorado say the factory by a lineup they’ll have to be to customers for thearts matches in particularly you know

ahead rolled into the basket just to sayit came out with a woman and i want to talk i didn’t know what might happen to menothing will happen to you i want green you know that my host an event i’ve got to go home to thebarracks i went to my room then i saw i’m like i told you the restjust how i said why did he do it that’s what i want to know why no

told he was going to do come something important aston park that he wouldn’t have he said we were both guilty because ofthe poll yogi what that means that’s what he said and from crazy to me always up old on mypalm a prisoner he works for me now i’ve often vaguely was mixed up with apauline no week couldn’t have been

i think of the potent tonight there was no time in on a case why didhe say was guilty we want to move i’ve been thinking or mine i think he was crazy why do you think so coding he had moved my really had no reason allhe was always patriotic who was suspected nothing you never saidanything you think i wouldn’t report theslightest

eight beauty of a criticize the partyleader ono notes that you may need a meeting to decide labor front lied aboutit they go wonder what can you find inmaine but it’s a little bit commission behind the others he just told me he was called for the onhe didn’t want to go to a comment really is no young spent the only told metonight i don’t know party talking crazy like i say that uh…you’d think they’d be less crazy and

that’s why i set up a signal yet not covered this and he must have been crazy to do athing like that that’s the only explanation i know primary or i’m sorry arc okay it’s this way bama i might give misswhitman injection might but

just listen the moment please i promise you i’ll do is you say butlooking to the fact the spittman might bring intoconsciousness but it might also kill him opic ab buddy mike dot before it had a chance totalk about huh all right from a app feel uncomfortable

incredible well in private au-pair going to give me a stick frequently quote doctor handling detective mike not before you won’t get anything out of me collapsed hollering cable how many i’d be told

who betrayed okay not part of the arrow burning yet hewould’ve based upon hampered k i don’t hate bill clinton he was a good one she looked at me curious how we first pic yeah where clear away kit left her knock itout my house and quick or call it later

you’re going how did i cured your broke in like arather that power groupm don’t remember i didn’t mean and i was proper mindedblack for yes i know you man eked everyone to resign so sorry ibelieve right away or or need to make where in my file that’sclear you’re from the factory i suppose rebecca down the road to pay youcouldn’t land that we have a long for

the coming year breaking things like amadman reconvenes what could be a great player don’t worry i’ll pay you for it and thedog would depend on him too you mean my dog that you killed lastnight by howard aiken how can i know how you can and came to my kitchen broke the glassthe spread of the bottom before and slept here all my heart pay of course uh…

i’m an honest man misty eyed kid your dog d’amico the next day i went back to thefarmhouse and paint pinning went up on weekend report when you come from her that no dusseldorf uh… control you have a family article

i had a boy in the white colleen my boy guided the attack on army my advice persecuted upon and now i’m alone repeat the word too war killed my husband two years now and it’s almost a year topick up on some routine literally seventeen who in a week andpenile within the last one notebook

here by men here they come in why do you have been green quicker why do you think it’s up to the project i’d never drank before and i don’t like to get drunk even now because print lonely in the factory and when i thinkof my wife irony can’t spend think of my way fever and lying on the ground wererefill program

arms cut off body looking like some which were to goto bed via google the people who come from and to stand here today and listening prompted one either way let me read to me i don’t know possible

bomber tells me that will really begunto build for the patient guns are coming in this morning friendsplease wasn’t even here because of the whole factories locatedbegin fixed hosting possible consumption tax might confront farmhouse can i just got stuck

capac men there with me yes it’s beautiful listen to me the answer i want to tell you something amnesty let’s get married the eight you go again great told you’ll be must get permissionfor my son b

legally don’t respond he must approvewhat the defense bill anyway it’s crazy for two grown-uppeople to alaska voyeur rating for permission to marry he wants the indonesian why don’t we getmarried now that they can after all my own son indecency i have to let him knowbeforehand i’d just explain the lord to you we are having a steady pace i understandthe law but what people avoid does

signal evolved right from his own and sydney theatre isee netscape married you you think i need isfrom support related to what lol u like a pornographic goodnight michael mcgrath record and wouldn’t sleep now argued that it was the to stop worryinglobbyists cupid worries whatever they uh… worrying

quietly worries here do since millions line wish it could get another job terrible how you work with old it’s about theblood and then crazy will get that started thinking the same thing myself i i don’t like the hammer so much morrie it seems harder now well never mindmaybe the only getting a little different

and then you commented on the phone that’s what i was thinking for another little ambient right and dini came home as in my life gray hair passion wonderful mayo paling certainly was freshly this champagne anystrictly got a lot of nice things and

friends who would be with significantninety seven release any picked them up and givingthem a little again refers so do i mean they’re friends is to spread by i’d cannibalizing film door and clean out the time i write howrich the list trenches must submit breaches pranjal use have boast of their culture what john g

i have more then barbarians and their minds and bloodletting in and money day vishayam pain and make it some staff mail id attenborough d good your mother has written to you

we want to get married i assure all you know i a m annually uh… ricky please yes now we are leaving tonightthat ceremony and then i believe my farm yell and get marry when i can migration made of front magnet kill whoreally don’t think you can lesson i want one banish stag

byron and from what i say no absolutelyi give you my hand wonderfully now you’ll be able to leave your job andthat can come to work on the palm how are you happy error we cover doctor your welly didn’t happen to really don’t know heperpetrated paper everything turned rock ‘n

ewan ari we want to make a good lifetogether think we could give on this form likelike it was an island away from everybody they’re not weekend what’s happened between took tonight wehave a celebrations to work so many pain decency curry andrew the assembly to present you might a sweat uh… tell you how rude he gotto be a

that would be totally struck rich rich woman pretty said lived outside the small town she had a newspaper the large farm theday before the talks were to come and take away the grain she burned on thefarm so who they were sent with the others toarrest him i can’t wait for anyone to open the doorpeople count woman ran off anti-crime nightgown pink one

like the one you wearing in rudy’s corporal who’s in charge toldthe woman she was under arrest tutsi she asked the corporal if she could havea few minutes to get this he told against when she went into her room the corporalcalled the men together listen he said this is howard berkes told me that woman is going to be shot thismorning why should we let her go to bed that i’m happy

usaf leadership she’s all right where we have some fun with it they all angles added before they took away the soldiers went the whole process of corporate oldham help yourselves boys so that uh… job in blocking packetheightens quicker tool by counted a bottle of perfume what do you want me tosay willie

it is in women who make won’t don’tunderstand them it’s doctors war group you prostitution project was proud and what he was prowl used to be back to their rafting skier when he was telling his story that beatthe way he did disrupting the sky walked they hope to live with it

have a decent map guy when he was blasting use spent on vietnam’s now then browns game u_n_ any knowledge of a buzzword ofasian pacific net by editing at making better to do know that you see anyonewith him himself alone came to the bottom andtalk to me

vegas popeil what about he wanted me to which keeps him but i wouldn’t tell line knows niceweather he came to me into bob dole and he spoke to me moving into a window first began use a good but i told him was forbidden to pull me to smoke

then he he said he would write the letter for meto my home but i said was forbidden to company escapeyeltsin he said he would be coping rebound goesfor me any moment he said he would bring me cruisin intomoney and these on police conduct so so i tendto escape it’s forbidden to execute i see and they tell you why he wanted to doall this way m

just that he wanted to help means begin or someplace before video spaghetti for two nights agonelson why do you want to go through them leo good lucks don’t knows i don’t know now because you don’t know it was crazy that’s why crazy as a bit you better

it right when you go trains i’ve ridden to thelabor front beating up factory in in a few days of the times that the farm went on the weekend industry who is in the bond twenty appellate courts used to work for me seventeen marks buthad to pay to help okay do you see nambiar u_p_ money for a human beingeased up simmers inside i’m probably

you’re not i don’t meet my quotas thattake away my prom you want that i want i wanted to protect poor kicked inacting crazy i don’t tooling should i return the bullet might haterobs heres old sure how we can dispute or it isn’t your palm what are you okay but i don’t care orthodontic people pull back pete i betyou i work with night on sundays when i’mtense but they have to listen to me this

company residual responsibility to weakening hundred-member nine of theblame for the weidetan i don’t really think which is didn’t interest payment would you be treat me we’re only doing something that’s beenwar editorial we’ll be able to deliver from peter c and didn’t get moving have enough to be transferred to thefarm

welding a few months maybe after they’vecalled me for the army that remind the world will end soon barely i’m not going to be on me i havesomething to do what do you have to do are you talking about have something todo a deed makes things we think it’s like they mean quickly did you see i’m guilty towardit’s like i brought to the sweater

myself i’ve been part of the time ittakes and you’ve been part of it to win a farm in the pool were all killedpeople and i think you have drama swine can turned us off swine now they want me to volunteer prettyfunny more for the one market leading to moresweaters and more people to some of the region seventeen marks they want to wait i stop you might not be stopped

somebody has to say no well what do youdo will you with it he’ll free all year you doing we’re going to see like it weight wonder

enmities extract so no com your object don’t let them go anyplace else it must be here night donated division mucho excitement on the planet on eitherside of the fact that was the polo

worked on a woman’s farm is beingexecuted a contract form primer it will bring aboutconfidentiality to but how it looked for the morale of the fact that they told usthey did it yes that makes and crawlers for now they’reexecuting the polo and that it was only begun unless the british planes so the signal that would be to have as to what the plan

he can come linkedin com hi terrain killed them all all too here here goldfish wimpy wife town all their right mission my shipping receded

the only thing i have to do we needreport the bandage it’ll be all over might be disbanded competition maybe there will be matters mobile home the last time wear t-shirts dash him

marah unwarranted war we’ve brought you upwith monsters novel the crossing the road adapted for radio bibin kagan the cast included louis van ruten ashave a clear doggie frances as prowling ed begley ascommissar care andries taylor as mere bomber music was arranged and played by williammedium production ghana garrison

next week works at war will present theradio dramatization of the scapegoat of mystery based upon the y_m_c_a_ pamperedby kenneth m cool and the history of bigotry in the u_s_ bibi’s davis myers this series of programs is brought toyou in cooperation with the console on books in wartime by the national broadcasting company and the independent radio stationsassociated with the n_b_c_ network jack costello speaking this is thenational broadcasting company where it’s at war

now wind jesus was born in bethlehem ofjudea and the days of the head of the king the whole world of the angel of the lordof the earth to do is infinite green saying all right is and take the young childand his mother and for the intermediate forehead will seek beyond trying todestroy him uh… national broadcasting company incooperation with the council on books in presents another of the most widelydiscussed programs in america words at

war dramatizing the most representativebooks to come up with this great world tonight’s words at war program as achristmas story based on two books kenneth goalsscapegoats in history and history of bigotry in the united states by thisdavis mine pat for today’s summoned or text is the gospel according to saintmatthew captured two first sixteen then heron when he saw that he wasmarked of the wise men was exceeding

roth and set forth and so we were all thechildren that were in bethlehem and in all the coast setup from two weir’s old and under then was fulfilled that which was openby jeremy the profit saying in rama was that a voice uh… lemontuition and weeping and great morning rachel weeping for her children andwould not be comforted because they are not is there a man among us

who does not in this christmas season ofgoodwill and brotherhood among men condemn this slaughter of innocentchildren by a ruthless king now i am confident their parents private jet stream energywill write goal in the hearts and minds of just banned forever the slaughter of the innocence was not the first such activepersecution nor has it been the last there have always been scapegoats amongus dated

distrusted persecuted it is of these that i wish to speak toyou today goats in history the original scapegoat described in thebook of the business was an animal houses a crash so stops beach

spt ketzel stay at home in the tank baith of the seven th should chocolatepenitence unsubtle we can’t just be an execution sins ofthe picture and transport those cities that today’soutsized h sts hannah

and he has a sale was involved and the ritual was coming among the people of israel thebabylonians and the good times centuries later distorted religious sentiments produced was diseases missing you’ve been missing

middlemen everyday house that was a ceremony performed annuallyby the age of ninety percent of all the expulsion of hunger when the custom became with time the vatican’s once a year hurled acriminal into the sea as a public sacrificed to apollo in marseille apple a man was destinedholy garments and stoned to death to

avert the plane enrollments part of the sacrificialofferings were beautiful young virgin all this was done for thewell-recognized purpose to benefit the community to write aboutten minutes each to prevent the loss of bombs on tests to atone for cm with the communities scapegoat taking the right the practice grew unmolested

andrew soon found it to their advantage popular prejudices concentrate uh… unpopular groups the minorities just talk to you by soaked is the slow response listed traditionsyeah so we can accept textiles people stopping politicalsystem because of the magic than they should be driven out all of that state screeched unix groceries to the gods

lightweight that’s going to the high priests spreada new throughout the city tell the people of kramer the physicians which is done san and uses spreading throughout the citywebsite by tonight will definitions roadway diminish you have any idea of whales suggestions

by such means it was easy to distractthe attention of the public from the real shortcomings of the group in power or to cause the masses to forget theirown miseries it was also easy to arouse fear andhatred and suspicion of those who differed from the rank-and-file shrewd manipulators of mob psychology stimulated this fear and hatred by meansof subtle propaganda and by creating scapegoats

dispersed and then the decision had a decision they should have i wash my hands about business case but up next and another two years and then deletecrucified was after the death of jesus word scapegoat began to have a problem organize persecution of races groupsminorities and creeds spread throughout

the world two groups of every continent tested in the hearts and sold to the people this is the long history of man’sinhumanity to man a history of bloody terrible question ofbigotry which has come to us through the ages listen then listened to be scapegoats crying out forthem martyred braves in the early days of the roman empire

the christian with a scapegoat in sixty four eighty rome was destroyed by a great fire genesis crawled skywards hero which consume lost as i think it’sgroups sounds first well this sounds great people all systems with the estate and i cansee passes

accepted in one hundred twelve eighty that was anearthquake it’s you wapas praha actress well that sounds great just hospital all destined for the arrest that andagain if it passes except he has made for the entire suffered fromfamine and customers effective steps were responsible forthis outbreak of panic as the people to grow climax along

hialeah ordeal came in the rain ofdietitian in two hundred eighty four eighty christian they are the ones who are responsible ever want to stop habit we have notroops at risk since when is it necessary to have group expressed i say they stopped the pack conspiracy against the entire myself

patient eight conspiracy ratio paid for it terrible persecution that began that day spread throughout the entire christians were imprisoned tortured and in some towns the entire populationmassacre this entire christian campaign lasteduntil three hundred eleven eighty twelve years later emperor constant andaccepted christianity as the official religion of the roman empire

and the prosecution of the christiansstuff human nature unfortunately slower tolearn from its own experience minority groups sometimes escape fromtheir prison of prejudice and increase in number and influence in such changing circumstances they inturn become intolerant of other groups and treat them as scapegoats for theirown heroes and so it was with the early christianchurch when it fell prey to the poison of power this christmas season the voice ofhistory

brings out an accusation these are the right christian churchperpetrated in the dark ages but state because he was believed to be a debatewith the dept helicopter this in a while on the list is long and bloody and that means i will not be it includes the imprisonment torture orexecution

upset spent as galileo project dot blots the spanish inquisition embarked on a block sector all of you part of the birthday in the days of the these are the dark stain on the pages ofa glorious history

stains which spread and multiplied asnew religious groups sects and denominations one first toleration and then controland the countries of europe and america first the protestants to filter patelthe mists of directions fleeing from religious intolerancethemselves yet not believing that others wereentitled to freedom in the worship of god what it’s a little contemptuous behavioragainst the party above publicly insinuating opinions and reductase theprince crisp your laws

roger williams is thereby expelled fromthe colony of massachusetts bay eerie ad budgets and is hereby expelledfrom the colony of massachusetts bay very dire quakers behind on bostoncommon these were christian science promulgated by christian ministers ofthe other ministers who held hours so completely at church and state were practicallyidentified as well india sixteen ninety two with the hectichysteria flamed up in salem

in that you’re in salem there was a restindian negro servant called to cuba both terrified and intensive the guidelisteners with the border with spells of our ancestors and so would innocent men gain but thisportion i’m making up do you think c_b_ team that most beautiful nowhere and then we can’t team to see them aligning pretty soon the pristine too everything she said

and been in love with you all my life would you let me truth linda most tremendously interpreter and although the portion was never didanybody any good neither did they do anybody any harm until one day window is interest or isit to do with came to the attention of cotton mather a minister of god

who immediately brought the case to beintention of governor sir william vips ever presented to the depot witchcraft that’s what they see is bad enough pics possessed of the devil he’s a menace to our community a menaceto the people in the puritan tax what do you want me to do have another hanging hat if that right indian cosby to stumble

blackett out asked it from the tissue hang that week could spread thedisease in the weeks craft lapsing she will inspect the entire community isola for the special called to try itout with instructions to carry out theexecution themselves into room was hanged third gone goes into older women all tried by a special report

won’t have to be possessed of the devil and executed for the welfare of thecommunity before this flame of insanity burnsitself out nineteen innocent persons had beenhanging and one press today perceive into america scaring the haitian best here that wasborn thousands of years ago when the jungles of africa

and the rituals of the primitive racistand a warped by end of king herod and as we began to grow as a nation so did the scapegoats multiply in the seventeenth century with thecorrect answer there is no room in the columnist forthe pope and the moisture altering christianity christensen firstday and night as far as protestant anti christ ascontradictory spot and that soared from the george and profits andthe prior was echoed throughout america

you know colony except rhode island forthe catholic vote or enjoy a civil and religious rights in new york an act was passedconfiscating property of jesuits and other catholic priests and during the french and indian warcatholics were charged with fomenting negro indian uprising against thecolonial governments this wave of anti catholic sentiment died down with the revolution and theadoption of the constitution would be to guarantee of freedom of worship

yet detailed prejudice it burned insisted in the hearts of men and in the middle of the nineteenthcentury it was directed against the irish ass all yet on it this was the beginning of the manynativist

nationalist and anti-foreign movements that have periodically marked and playedamerican life the resentment soon became linked with religiousbigotry bigot returned to haiti and another anti catholic crusade wasunderway anti catholic publications and societiessprang up to keep the country safe for protestantamericanism among them the altar of united america united american mechanicselder of the star spangled banner propaganda these organization

sfsu inflamed native americans to directaction in eighteen twenty nine marks a tech thehomes of austin techniques them for three days gary section of charleston massachusettswas devastated three fall into the ground and here’s a picture of you trying toachieve the by unemployed dot in philadelphia andnew york later that followed the know-nothingparty with their war prior rome roman as a member of the union

and the american protective association all serving about one purpose to spread hate fear and distrust among the people of america nineteen sixty-seven shortly after thecivil war there appeared a dark using different methods producing essayresults can a ku klux klan standing for white anglosaxon protestant supremacy uh… sending also for murder until ageand terror created at first to combat the carpetbag governments of newly freed negroes

broadening its field of hate andpersecution later to include fun is as well as native-born jew was catholicslabor radicals liberals existing even know this christmas seasonas i speak to you waiting to go into action again whenconditions or mesquite alright and the blind amongus willing to follow their program let us examined the scapegoats in our midst let us ask ourselves this question what does it mean

to be a negro in the united states today i can answer the question i have any girl born in america lived in america of my life it’s a good country too created by god and by man

so that people can live together peace and freedom i figured according to the constitution manly billof rights belongs to me as well as to anybody but sometimes i winded sometimes i wonder about a lot of things

which make me and outcast in the country where i was born i wonder why in many states i can’t vote like the white people do i wonder why i have to live in ny slumareas and pigs are between grants for fivetrips and wondered why i have to go to two different schools sit-in designated sections of buses andtrends

go to different hotels and restaurants i wonder why why can’t get a job that wage ratescomparable to those of other americans by can’t get into a certain unions by many defense industries won’t hire me i wonder why in time of war german prisoner is more respected by some white men andmyself and wine in time of war

the army in the navy have to have special negro units i wondered about justice for the black man in the white and about lynchings created to strike in a heights and keep us where we on the bottom round of the social an economic ladder and wonder about a lot of things in thisland of mind

in this country which gave me life let related to enjoy it sometimes i back at him and i get mad because i’m a human being same issue the same as everybody i have the same blood flowing through myveins i feel the same pain when i’m sick

and a rope around my neck produces the same burning flesh as with you only my scheme is different i have not created by then heaven i got the right to live in peace and freedom why have you chosen to

persecute me who among us can answer this matter who among us can justify his both thenorth contradict his client for justice who can say that he is wrong and those who are responsible for hiscondition right those of us would let us stepped forward to take our placein our exalted company

with herod pontius pilot to cometogether nero ivan the terrible talking about a andhitler we come down to the second group ofskate groups and elements so this is an incident that has occurredunder rico the follows in times of the last twelve years listen up to the list of crimes perpetrated by the people of the world against the world’s favorite scapegoat

listen to the words of the wonderingjewell and seventeen we were evicted from a pool and by theroom in the middle ages we were forbidden toown land assigned to get whose walled enclosures kept locked at night twelve hundred ninety we were expelledfrom england with eighteen hundred and fifty we wereaccused of responsibility for the cuban explain the day of the russians isles the army’sinsight about breaks against the jews

knows pogroms systematic house-to-housesearches beatings massacres and with the advent of the nationalsocialism in germany we have been subjected to a degree ofcruelty on match didn’t human misery what greasing was there for thispersecution org reason exist today if you know the answer stepped forwardand speak tell us what proof existed in theaccusation but jewelers were responsible for the bubonic plague watch financialand economic proof backed up the accusation

accuse were responsible for thedepression that followed the napoleonic or was evidence was ever given tosubstantiate the challenge the jewels perform ritual the was logic exists behind the statementamerica is controlled by jewish international bank on reason is that because he purposes it’s sort of what has itaccomplished who has reaped the benefits and quiet

what answer should we give this man jewelry telling that these charges wereand still are delivered falsehoods invented by purveyors of hate tissuepair ends jewelry telenet his persecution and thepersecution of his race was inspired by these purveyors of hate to give the gullible and a bigoted amongus a scapegoat politics nomic and social ills job which i learned that the baby in themanger it was a jew himself

and when we persecute jews we alsopersecute him we come to worship tonight but this man knows all that is known that for over a thousand years now we cannot answer falconry answer those many others whohave felt the width of bigotry from us theitalians look down upon in many cities and the negroes in the catholics in themexicans and the chinese and the millions of other scapegoatsstanding even dollar tribunals of

bigotry we have a right to call them we can only hope and pray for a day whenthe true when the people of the world we’ll learnthat bigotry and persecution where the very things jesus died todestroy it i have no and i just have to read lied to me for tolerance justice and a passion for truth dispiritedbrotherhood must come to each man from his heart

from his own understanding of the fact blessed are the more well they should be coming blessed are the meaning vocational inherently uh… blessed ave who do hunger and close satellite system is or they help me do listed on the tokyo in the past

rodeo shows he died blessed i a advertising like thisthursday well ahead of her hand tonight on words and war we brought to aplay in the christmas spirit based on kenneth goes pamperedscapegoats in history and the history of bigotry in the united states by guestavis myers and featuring bernard land role as the narrator the radiodramatization was written by ben keagan music was arranged in played by williameach year production was under the direction ofdonna karan’s

this is the national broadcastingcompany

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