t shirt bedrucken hannover

t shirt bedrucken hannover

t shirt bedrucken hannover

it’s my money gonna spend it on gum it’s my career i can do a shark jump it’s my jaw and i can wire it shut i can read gersbermps they’re ma ferverite berks dead cats and dirty dishes everywhere hands in my pants cus i’m itchy there i’m just came to shame my mother ain’t never gonna marry thor’s brother now

tryin’ to be a poorman’s gaga [gaga] or an albino rihanna [eh] now i’m dating a french guy made outta french fries nom nom nom nom nom i look just like tweety if he was slutty

gonna give my daddy an achy breaky heart attack sweet niblets! this is my butt this is my cooch and i wont stop chewin’ my gum tryin’ extra hard to be edgy it’s my middle finger to disney

freaky hand chop pepto bismol this is my musical cry for help can’t buy a clue with all this wealth no bones it’s my booty i can put it on stuff it’s my booty i can drag it on the rug it’s my booty i can put it on doug i can put it on a pug

or all of the above. i could try to be classy, but what for? i want to get my face on mt. slutmore remember only god can judge ya unless you’re busted, then a judge can judge ya tryin’ to look sexy but it’s just sad is this an american apparel ad? i’m not anorexic

just replaced breakfast with crack. now miley is asleep nobody make a peep ya’ll get up on yer feet i’m gonna show you a cool dance everybody clap take two steps back i’ll just latch on

to her hit song my wife gave birth to a cash machine sometimes she lets me be in her movies get out daddy or else i’m gonna pound you don’tcha sass me i can still ground you for gettin’ that dumb sharon stone hairdo and now i heard you were dating a french dude where is he? stop daddy!

i kill you bastard! die! he’s my boyfriend i love him! french fry guy! i hate you! usa! tasty.

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