t shirt bedrucken online

t shirt bedrucken online

t shirt bedrucken online

howdy and welcome to the first ever tutorialtuesday on the infinituts youtube channel. today i am going to teach you how to placea logo or graphic on to a t-shirt in a picture that hasalready been taken. because this is the first ever tutorial tuesday,i decided to take a picture of a model, and have him pose with a blank t-shirt on. and if you are thinking to yourself, "what?that doesn’t look like a model!" well you are right because its just a pictureof me. but i’m wearing a t-shirt so we can get startedputting something on it. the first step is to grab your logo or image,and drag it on in to your picture.

i’m using the standard youtube logo, and toresize it to the shirt, simply hold down "control +t" or"command + t" on a mac, and you will be able to re-size it any which way you want. now in order to keep it from getting distortedlike this if you accidentally drag it out the wrong way, make sure to hold down the shift key so thatthe resizing dimensions stay consistent. just place it right on in the shirt whereyou want it, and because my shoulders are not perfectlystraight, we need to curve this image so it goes inline with the torso…

just a tad there, and press enter when you are done. move it up, and now we are good. okay, now we have the logo in the right place,but it doesn’t look quite realistic. it looks like it is in front of the t-shirt,rather than actually being on the t-shirt. so, the first step to make it look more realisticis to go to the blending mode. it automatically defaults to normal, but wherewe are going to want to have it, is at multiply. multiply allows the shadows to come throughthe youtube logo. now, you can stop here and have it lookingpretty good, but if you want to take it to

the next level, you have to attach it to the curvature ofthe torso. to do that, we are going to use photoshop’sliquify feature. to get there, go to the filter drop down menu,and select liquify. now the liquify window will open up, and wecan get started. lets zoom on in here to the logo real quick,kinda make it the same size of what we have in the realpicture. now, make sure you have the forward warp toolselected. the settings here have to be in the rightplace.

if your brush size is too big, or your pressureis too strong, it won’t look good and it will turn your imageinto something you don’t want. so, what we are going to have is a low pressure,and a smaller brush size. lets go about 60. the first thing we are going to want to do,is to attach it to the curvature of the chest here. you can see how there is a little shadow here,indicating the curvature on the shirt. what we are going to want to do, is to goright through where the shadow is with the forward warptool.

bam! right through the "y" and the "o". we will have a little indent right where thatcurve is. we are also going to want to bend in this"y" here. it is flat here, which makes it look a tadunrealistic. have it come in just a tad… get it moreinto the curvature of the chest here. now, we want it to get in line with the curvatureof the other side of the torso. let’s bring the brush size up a little. iam using the bracket keys to change it without having to goup to the brush size option. scrunch in the logo a little bit.

as you can see, there is a lot of little ripplesthere, so we can make the brush size real small, to kind of make look like it is attachingto those ripples. go with a brush size of "20". right where those ripples are, right abovethe "e", even with the "e", middle of the "e", just go real little…. scrunch it in… scrunch it in… a little bigger…

and scrunch it in… this ripple goes into the "e" and the "b". go up in size. and we will press it one moretime. go all the way through the "b"… it kindof gets the ripple there, in those letters. bring the corner down just a tad more, likewe did on the other side. that should be good, just hit okay, and we will see how it does attaching to thebody and the shirt. oh, that is looking a lot better now, it attachesto the ripple in the chest on this side. the corners are brought in a little bit…

it has the ripples on the side here that itgoes in with, and the "b" and "e" have the ripple and thebump in the shirt. let’s zoom this baby back out, and make onemore change. lower the opacity a little bit, just to makeit look like it fades in with the shirt, and it is not such an abrupt color. in just a few easy steps, we were able tomake the logo look like it was being in front of the shirt, to actually having it on the shirt. and having it aline with the shadows and wrinkleson the shirt.

so, that is how to place your graphic on toa t-shirt. thumbs up for my modeling pose! be sure to subscribe to the infinituts youtubechannel, for next week’s tutorial tuesday. thanks for watching! and i will see you then.

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