t shirt bedrucken stuttgart

t shirt bedrucken stuttgart

t shirt bedrucken stuttgart

today, german-ness is in berlin and i’m in alexanderplatz in front of the world clock and i’ve arranged to meet kai paul from lexy & k-paul he’s a real berliner and is going to show me round some of the eastern part of the city. first of all i’d like to know: "why the world clock?" hi! growing up, you’d arrange to meet a young lady from another part of town at the world clock, to go and get an ice cream or to snack on a sausage. and also it used to be that we couldn’t travel very far, when this was still the gdr, but at least you could see here what time it is in montreal, guatamala city and panama.

you weren’t allowed to go there, but we found it cool. it felt like you were a bit closer. and our trip today will also stay in the eastern part of berlin. i reckon i’ll think of something that you might not like at first, but afterwards you’ll enjoy it. but before paul reveals the secret, we treat ourselves to a quick snack from a mobile sausage vendor. so where are we actually going? to the television tower? well, we made a song about the television tower, for example. a song about the television tower? yes, don’t you know it?

"the television tower has ears"? you do know it! so, i’m going to give you a little present. top-quality football boots! oh, football! yeah! but i’m really bad. it’s cool, because i’m in a football team. it’s called sparta lichtenberg. for me it’s like a little spark of the true berlin,

because they still speak with the berlin accent – "ikke" instead of "ich" – as prescribed in the berlin legal code. and you have to go there. you have to train with us today for an hour and half. afterwards you can decide if you want a career in football, or maybe stay being a presenter. i try to gather my strength before evening comes and then make my way with paul to lichtenberg. we’re going through friedrichshain? yes. and is this were you live and grew up? or in another part of berlin?

no, i grew up in hohenschã¶nhausen. that’s further out. and i was born in lichtenberg. and then i lived all over the place, but now i’m in friedrichshain. is berlin a good city for music? it’s a melting pot for every imaginable kind of person. everyone comes here! there are so many musicians in the city, sometimes even almost too many. you meet someone who can sing, then you meet someone who can mix… then you meet someone who plays the trumpet. when people come here, musicians, who we can make music with, that’s good for us. you don’t need to go to them.

i can already see the floodlights. i think we’re there. ah, there’s your name: sponsors of sv sparta lichtenberg and your colleague mr kalkbrenner too! now you can introduce yourself. ok. hi, i’m claire! is it ok if i train with you today? i can’t play football very well, in fact not at all really.

you get to keep this if you play well. well then i’ll probably have to give it back. get changed first, and then we’ll see. and here are the leg warmers. i mean socks. socks? socks! so much testosterone, and i’m right in the middle of it! i wonder how this’ll turn out?

after the first few attempts i’m actually accepted by the spartans. and even the exercises suddenly get girly names. they also call this "piggy in the middle". the first ball is always free? ok. i’m probably going to be in the whole time aren’t i? how did i do? we’ll have to ask the others, but i think you did pretty good actually. you’ve earned your shirt. for your first time, great!

did you have some fun? yes, definitely. and we’ve earned a burger or a bowl of solyanka. burger? burgers afterwards in the clubhouse: the best burgers in lichtenberg. do you remember the cap? paul was a bit of a genius at the first home game for sparta. my father was still coming to watch then and he said when we were warming up: "oh he looks a bit clumsy. is there something wrong with him?

and then he plays his first home game for sparta and scores three goals! and that’s the reason for the three stars? then the lads gave it to me. for my birthday. we were invited to his birthday party and he was really pleased. so much happiness, exactly. you don’t need money, just a cap like this is all you need. from lichtenberg we go to neighbouring friedrichshain, to paul’s favourite restaurant, the butterhandlung (butter shop). this is mello and this is claire. hello, welcome to the butterhandlung!

this guy is the "man of the butterhandlung", this is his place. great place, great guy. hmm, butterhandlung, why the "butter shop"? the idea just came from the fact that this used to be a butter shop. from 1908, for five years. and the name just sounds tasty, and we wanted to make something tasty out of it. and you have a different menu every day, don’t you? exactly, it’s behind you, it’s very big. we write it so even people who can’t see very well can read it.

and next door is another bar, and it’s part of this place? exactly. there’s always live music there. either the house band, which i’m also part of… it’s like a family. the people from the band join us in here, then they play over there. and as a musician i feel very at home here. and it’s in my neighbourhood; i don’t live far away. and you sit here, drink a little glass of wine, fine dining with mello, and afterwards you can check out a gig. paul, that was such a cool day with you; i’m really happy that we did that together.

yes it was, a really nice day. come again any time and we’ll have another nice day. yes, have another hug. bye! so, it’s closing time at the butterhandlung, and it’s home time for me. that was my eventful day with kai paul. we were in alexanderplatz and ate a sausage. then we went to sparta lichtenberg. then we were in the butterhandlung,

and then we were in bar bobu and enjoyed live performance at its best. and i can recommend it to anyone! and now i’m going to sleep. good night, dear german-ness viewers!

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