t shirt bedrucken wien

t shirt bedrucken wien

t shirt bedrucken wien

for me happylab is a place where creativity sparks. it’s a place where we can bring new ideas to life, learn new technical skills. for me it was a chance to start my own business. new horizons will open up. the possibility to realize a variety of projects. things like rubber stamps

t-shirts, a complete robot, stickers, building kits. you meet new people. a very nice community. it’s where you can actually build your dreams. happylab is an open workspace

with a range of digital fabrication tools such as 3d printers, laser cutters and cnc milling machines that anybody can use to bring their projects to life. digital production allows access to free hardware the same way it is done with open-source software. you can share your own inventions with others and make your data available over the internet,

which creates innovation dynamics and allows us to bounce off each other’s ideas. i like that happylab is shared by lots of different people. there are students working on their study projects, pensioners, who work on model building, start-ups trying to convert their ideas into products. this mixture is what makes it so exciting. if you look across the table you will often see something completely different and watch new innovations unfold.

hi, i am georg. i am building multicopters at happylab. i discovered happylab through acquaintances, and when i saw the possibilities it offers, i was excited. it’s a work in progress. you start small and you improve more and more. eventually you will have a project running. i work in it, so model building is just a hobby to me. i designed this model myself

and built it primarily with the cnc mill at happylab for no reason, other than fun. i’m florian and i study industrial engineering at the technical university. in my spare time i like to work on small projects. by accident i stumbled upon a picture of a wooden bicycle on the internet. i basically used the geometry of my own bicycle and created the crd model myself. it weighs about 14 kilogram. the frame is made of single layers fabricated by laser machining and glued together.

the saddle is milled. stability is not a problem, but it’s pretty elastic. riding the bike, you feel it resonating a bit. i’m anja and i founded my jewelry label heartware in 2012. now i specialize in manufacturing high quality plastics. we are at le shop where my products are sold. i have the ideas and when my little one is sleeping, i draw some sketches and thomas implements them. we were looking for a manufacturing method that allows us to easily create prototypes.

after a few detours we came across happylab. it works very well, so far. you can produce small batches and prototypes. even our fortune cookies are produced in small batches at happylab. when we started i was working with a jigsaw but after the first christmas market i soon realized that we had to look for suitable manufacturing equipment. we have been doing this for two years now, it works very well. we hope that we can continue working together for a long time. a few years ago we had our own machinery for our projects

and we noticed that all kinds of people from different areas wanted to work with this machinery too. we decided to make it accessible and give everybody a chance to realize their cool projects with these tools. we all have enormous creative potential. each of us has thousands of ideas but sadly only very few are realized due to obstacles like lacking machinery and know-how. with happylab we try to remove these obstacles

and it is our goal to support many more remarkable ideas, that are definitely out there and to make them reality. you don’t need any background knowledge. we have introductions to show you how to operate the machinery. anybody who’s interested can visit us. once a week we have an open lab day. we like to explain and show how things work. the only thing you need is an idea you want to implement and we will provide the rest.

our goal is to have people use happylab as if it was nothing extraordinary, to naturally work with 3d printers, laser cutters and similar technologies and to see them for what they are – the tools of today to get your ideas to action.

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