4 Easy Tips for the Bandung Tour from Jakarta

Bandung tour from Jakarta, how to make your trip more effective and interesting? tour bandung is more than just the capital city of West Java in Indonesia. It is also known as the tourism city mainly for them who prefer traveling to the plateau area. Particularly if you have hectic schedules in Jakarta or other big cities, Bandung is definitely the best place to escape for a while. However, it doesn’t mean that your trip to Bandung can always be smoothly conducted. There are still problems like traffic or others that may be really stressful. So, how to overcome it? Here are tips and tricks.

Avoiding the Long Holiday, Bandung tour from Jakarta

Almost all tourist attractions are full and crowded on the holiday. Well, Bandung is one of them. Therefore, it is much better to avoid holidays and weekends to enjoy the city. Maybe, you can ask for permission for days off in two or three days from your office. For freelancers, it must be easier to arrange your schedules anyway.

Entering from Unpopular Highways

There are some highways that connect Jakarta and Bandung. The most popular one is Pasteur Highway, known as the primary gateway to enter Bandung from Jakarta. Actually, there are still some more highways as alternatives. Interestingly, those highways are relatively quieter and not crowded like Pasteur. What are those alternative highways to support your Bandung tour from Jakarta? They are Cileunyi, Kopo, Pasir Koja, and Buah Batu Highways.

Taking the Train

How is if all the highways are still considered crowded? You should not worry; here is one more transportation alternative to take. It is by taking the train. Sure, you need to order the tickets far from the D-day anyway. Interestingly, the train is one of the fastest transportation devices in this area. Besides, the scenery around the railway is also really stunning.

Choosing Affordable Tourist Spots

The most fascinating thing about traveling to Bandung is those cheap tourist spots. Even some of them can be accessed for free. You should not worry; places like Tebing Keraton, Gardens in Bandung, and Moko Hill still offer you great landscapes to enjoy. The accommodations are available with friendly prices also. Almost all the tourist attractions in Bandung have hotels and inns around. Make sure to choose one that is near your main tourist locations. This is another tip so that you can reduce your spending. So, are you interested to join the Bandung tour from Jakarta?